The Face Mask Flame Test - Do Not Try This At Home

Despite constant differing advice from UK government and even the WHO in regard to the general public wearing face coverings of some kind, some facts are beginning to be accepted.

Wearing a simple barrier mask or face covering is not necessarily going to offer the wearer protection, but is more likely to protect those around them to some degree in situations where social distancing is difficult, or just plain impossible. 

A face mask should be easy to breathe in, but also let the minimum amount possible of water droplets through when you cough, sneeze or talk.

To test how much breath passes through a Maskeraid face mask we carried out a (non-scientific) test ourselves, and must admit we were quite surprised at the vast difference of how much air we could blow through a competitors mask compared to a Maskeraid mask.

We are not scientists and make no medical claims regarding our barrier masks, but take a look at the video below. We think you may be surprised too.

Maskeraid Reusable Face Mask
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